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DATE2001PLACEBarcelona, Spain

First thematic festival for online short films in Flash format.

OFFF, online flash film festival

International meeting of professionals and copywriters to discuss the evolution of communication technologies and develop ideas using screened animations/short films created using Flash and Macromedia for the Internet.

391 UA vision of web design as a new form of artistic expression. In its first edition OFFF screened exclusive and confirmed works by: Mike Young |, Mannytan |, James Patterson |, Marcel.lí Antunez |

DESERT a fusion of sound and image always following the concept of investigating and experimenting new forms. Performances by: Goem, Radboud, James Plotkin, Aix Em Klemm, Stars of the Lid, Philosopher’s Stone, Loscil, Ekkehard Ehlers, Kozo Inada.

X_POSITION  Exclusive space hosting software conferences and presentations, led by developers such as: , Bradley Grosh, Josh Ulm, Bernard Magale, Thomas Noller, Jonathan Snyder, Matt Owens, Warren Corbitt, Anthony Kyriazis, Peter and Sam, José María Piera , Manel Campagnol i, Phillip Kerman, Product Managers en europa, Product managers en Europa.

JURY MEMBERS Highly reputed international Web designers such as Hillman Curtis, Joshua Davis, Josh Ulm, David Carson, Bradley Grosh or Peter NRG; with other representatives in the world of interactive and advertising art such as Montxo Algora or José María Piera who were in charge of deciding what films deserved an award in each of the Festival’s categories, and of turning Barcelona for three days into the world capital of state-of-the-art web design.

Joshua Davis | | |

David Carson | |

Josh Ulm | |

Bradley Grosh |

Peter NRG | |

Hillman Curtis. |

Jose María Piera |

Montxo Algora |


OFFF 2001 Press appearancesOFFF 2001 Press appearances

OFF 2001 Appearance in the Pixel Magazine (no. 8)OFF 2001 Appearance in the Pixel Magazine (no. 8)