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DATE2004PLACESeoul, South KoreaMIKE SILVACurator with Nilo Casares

Unzipping Codes: video art and code art of Spain and Ibero-America, has been the result of the efforts of the Spanish Embassy in Seoul to develop a project connected to “media art”, as part of its cultural program. The result: a video art and net art exhibition, completed by two live performances, a net.jamm and a festival which brought together different digital art manifestations.

expanding codes

Performed at the Nabi Art Center in Seoul, the project which involved the Spanish Embassy in Seoul and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Ibiza, which appointed the co-curators: Nilo Casares and Mike Silva.

Project developed by the Area 3 Collective Área 3Área 3

The festival, named “Positronic Party” was divided in two parts lasting one hour each. The first, containing a nostalgic and contemplative tone, was illustrated with imagery filmed in an actual mockup built especially for the concert in the W Hotel of Seoul. The mockup displays a small city and a natural space surrounding it. The discourse centers on the relationship between humankind and nature and especially criticizes the over-exploitation of the environment and its consequences. The second part was for dancing and was illustrated with both dynamic and cheerful visuals.


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