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adam pollina expo

DATE2019PLACESeville, SpainMIKE SILVAExhibition Promoter

Promoter of Adam Pollina’s exhibition “Comics: out of context. A trip to the Heart of the Comic” displayed at Diwap Agency, Seville, from 25th April to 25th June 2019 where we can see more than ten covers of original comics by Marvel and Valiant.

Adam Pollina was Stan Lee’s (comics writer and editor and creator of superheroes such as Hulk, Spiderman and the Fantastic Four), assistant for several years. He is a comic drawer and artist for MARVEL, DC COMICS and VALIANT, and was involved in the creation of those dreams with his strips and stories of Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, Angel, Batman, Superman, XFactor, Fantastic Four and many more heroes which have inhabited our fantasies for generations..

More about Adam Pollina

Adam was born in New York in 1970. After studying at the Rhode Island School of Design, he started his career in the comic industry working for DC CÓMICS with X-Men. He was only 23 years old. Ninth art critics and fans consider Adam’s work indispensable in the 1990s comic world. The vigour and freshness of his characters has contributed to the revival of comics in that decade. The list of already mythic characters he has brought to life is a long one: Superman, Spiderman, Wolverine, Hellboy, Ironman, Angel and many more. In addition to his work in the comic and graphic novel industry, Adam Pollina has made very successful creations in other areas such as fashion, videogames, cinema and architectural design, working with renown companies such as Warner Bros. Pictures, MTV, Disney, PlayStation, Microsoft, Prada or Yves St. Laurent.